Matthew R. Francis, Science Writer

Photo by Tony Hitchcock

Photo by Tony Hitchcock

Welcome! I’m a physicist, science writer, public speaker, educator, and frequent wearer of jaunty hats. As a communicator, I hope to express the love I have for the wonderful Universe we inhabit: its black holes, galaxies, and marvelous zoo of particles, with all the ways they interact. I also teach and organize classes in astronomy and cosmology as director of CosmoAcademy. My science blog isĀ Galileo’s Pendulum, and I have appeared in comics form as Pluto’s moon Nix.

My Writing Portfolio page contains a complete list of my publications, which include contributions to Slate, Ars Technica, The Daily Beast, Nautilus, Aeon, Symmetry, and many more. My latest articles are linked in the list in the right column.

I’m also available for interviews, podcasts, public speaking engagements, and other activities.

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