Matthew R. Francis, Science Writer

Photo by Tony Hitchcock

Photo by Tony Hitchcock

Welcome! I’m a physicist, science writer, public speaker, educator, and frequent wearer of jaunty hats. I love the wonderful Universe we inhabit — its black holes, galaxies, planets, and marvelous zoo of particles, with all the ways they interact — and if I can convey some of that love in my writing, I have done my job. My science blog is Galileo’s Pendulum, I have appeared in comics form as Pluto’s moon Nix, and I was listed as one of 2015’s Most Stylish Scientists by Future-Ish.

My Writing Portfolio page contains a complete list of my publications. Over the past four years, I have contributed to Slate, Ars Technica, The Daily Beast, NOVA, Aeon, Symmetry, Scientific American, and many more. My work has also appeared in print in Physics World and Smithsonian Air & Space Magazine. Additionally, I write about planetary science, climate change, physics, and math for the Forbes blog network. Brief introductions to my latest articles are linked in the list in the right column. Additionally, I sometimes teach and organize classes in astronomy and cosmology for CosmoAcademy.

I’m also available for interviews, podcasts, public speaking engagements, and other activities.

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