You may hate me, but don’t spread your lies to children

I take it personally when idiot politicians call me and my fellow scientists evil liars. My latest post at Galileo’s Pendulum explains why:

Broun and his compatriots obviously think very bad things about me, my friends, and the work we do. They don’t just disagree or think we’re wrong, they think we’re literally in league with Satan. The work we do—researching, writing, and teaching others about how the Universe works—is evil in their eyes. Broun’s explicit statements that science education is all built on lies aren’t harmless. I hold education to be one of the most noble undertakings in human society, and here we have an elected official trumpeting ignorance while slandering those who work to knowledge. [Read more….]


2 responses to “You may hate me, but don’t spread your lies to children”

  1. It still amazes me that here in the 21st century people still trumpet ignorance as a viable alternative to learning…

  2. I hope the “Many Worlds” interpretation of quantum mechanics turns out to be true; we need to figure out how to send idiots like Broun to a different universe.

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