Welcome to the new Bowler Hat Science blog!

For 2015, I’m reviving the Bowler Hat Science blog as a way to catalog all the writing I do for other websites, to make it easier to locate. You can subscribe to updates or just visit frequently. The posts will be very simple — just the headline, place where the piece was published, and a short excerpt — with a link out to the actual piece.

Also, I moved things around on the main page at Bowler Hat Science to hopefully make it easier to find what’s going on. As before, my writing portfolio has a complete list of everything, in alphabetical order according to publication. I’m available on all* the social media, too:


* Well, not all. I don’t have that much spare time.


As always, thanks for reading! While I do this for a living, it doesn’t matter how many articles I write or how many words I churn out if nobody actually reads what I say. Good things are coming in 2015, so I hope you’ll stick around.

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