Unless you’re a werewolf, the full Moon isn’t to blame for your problems

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Get Over Your Full Moon Fears

From The Daily Beast:

The full Moon is making everyone crazy. More people get arrested when the Moon is full.
The new Moon is making everyone depressed.

Maybe you’ve heard things like that. Maybe you’ve said them yourself. It seems plausible that the second-brightest thing in the sky, the closest astronomical body to Earth, and the object largely responsible for the tides, could cause measurable changes in human behavior. After all, some animals coordinate their behaviors with the phase of the Moon.

As a result of this style of thinking, hospital workers will sometimes claim more births or injuries happen, police will notice more arrests, mental health professionals will feel their clients change behaviors, and so forth, depending on the Moon’s phase. Despite that, repeated studies have shown no strikingly different behavior: there aren’t big differences in car wreck frequency, births, murders, or depression incidents between the new Moon and full Moon. [Read the rest at The Daily Beast…]

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