A possible ocean like ours on the moon Europa

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Europa’s Salty Sea

My first contribution to the brand-new magazine Hakai:

You can find bits and pieces of Earth seemingly scattered around the solar system. The surface of Mars looks a lot like Earth’s deserts; Titan’s atmosphere isn’t far off (minus a lack of oxygen); and the moon shares Earth’s basic geology. If you want to see oceans like ours, new research suggests your best bet is Jupiter’s moon Europa.

“Oceans like ours” in a chemical sense, that is. There are no fish or whales or coral on Europa. But Europa’s massive ocean is a salty one—and according to planetary geologist Kevin P. Hand and geochemist Richard W. Carlson, the specific salt that fills its sea, sodium chloride (or table salt), is the same salt that is crucial to life on Earth. [Read the read at Hakai…]

Hakai is focused on coastal ecosystems, which is a little off the beaten path for me, but they indulged me in writing about oceans on another world. And of course there’s physics hiding in a lot of areas, so I’ll hopefully be writing more for them in the future. In the meantime, check out the magazine: it looks really great!

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