Writing portfolio: Double X Science

Nearly from its foundation in fall of 2011 until January 2014, I served as physics and math editor of Double X Science, an online magazine dedicated to the idea that science content isn’t just for men. I also contributed a number of pieces, listed below in reverse chronological order.

  1. Madame Wu and the backward Universe
  2. Cosmic coincidence and a potato eclipse
  3. Parallel Earth and the Evil Matthew Hypothesis
  4. A tour of physics, “Angry Birds” style
  5. Scientific realities trump paleofantasies
  6. Did Einstein write his most famous equation? Does it matter?
  7. A tour of digestion from nose to um…tail
  8. Yvonne Brill: she made the satellite revolution possible
  9. A “Brontosaurus” for you
  10. How large is a proton?
  11. Restoring hair with LASERS!!!!!!
  12. Once in a Blue Moon
  13. Rest in peace, Sally Ride
  14. So what’s the big deal about the Higgs boson, anyway?
  15. To everything (turn turn turn) there is a season
  16. Survival is gendered, according to Scholastic
  17. A once-in-a-lifetime Double X event: the transit of Venus
  18. Age your wine in 10 seconds!!!!!
  19. Making light in electronics
  20. Why is the sky pink?
  21. How fluorescent lights work: quantum mechanics in the home
  22. You — yes, you — are an astronomer
  23. Why can you hear around corners, but not see?
  24. Mirror mirror on the wall, mirrors don’t switch hands at all
  25. There will never be another Curie, and that’s a good thing
  26. Science is for everyone, including — GASP! — moms

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