Writing portfolio: Nautilus

Nautilus is a magazine dedicated to science and culture, with a bit of a philosophical bent to its content. My contributions are listed below in reverse chronological order.

  1. The inside of a neutron star looks spookily familiar (feature article)
  2. How to clock a glacier (feature article)
  3. What to do when genius fails
  4. Earth’s Stash of Gold Comes From Colliders Fit for Gods
  5. What’s 250 Million Light-Years Big, Almost Empty, and Full of Answers? (Feature article)
  6. Is Our Universe Like Oil & Vinegar or Homogenized Milk?
  7. How to See Quantum Drops of Light
  8. How to Map a Galaxy When You’re Right in the Middle of It
  9. Where Nature Hides the Darkest Mystery of All
  10. The Freaky Celestial Events We See—and the Ones We Don’t
  11. An Arguably Unreal Particle Powers All of Your Electronics
  12. Supernovas & Other Big Bangs: Where Your Body Comes From
  13. Universal Remoteness: What the Multiverse Means About Us

Let me know what you think! Please see the Commenting Policy http://galileospendulum.org/commenting-policy/

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